On the Cantor Exchange, Participants trade digital options on the underlying market. Participants are not actually trading the given asset, they are only making a prediction about where the underlying market will be at a specified point in the future.


For example, if a Participant is trading a digital option on Gold, they are making a prediction about where they believe the underlying market of Gold will be at a specified time in the future.


Visit What Are Digital Options? to learn more about trading digital options on the Exchange.


There are three products available for trading on the Cantor Exchange:

• Forex

• Metals

• Weather



The foreign exchange market is one of the largest and fastest-paced markets in the world. Cantor Exchange offers a variety of forex products to choose from:











One of the most popular assets among digital options, Cantor Exchange offers metals products because of their volatility and the fact that they’re not affected by many economic factors.




          (COMING SOON)



Cantor Exchange weather trading offers Participants the ability to purchase a unique type of financial protection against an upcoming forecast. Participants can access weather trading using a trading interface provided by TradeWx, a data and technology company working with the Exchange.


Trading for Atlantic Named Storm Landfall (ANSL) contracts for the 2017 Atlantic Basin tropical storm season will be available 2017. Trading for contracts related to snowfall and rainfall coming soon.


To learn more about weather trading, please visit the TradeWx website.


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