An expiry (also referred to as expiration or expiration time) is the predetermined time at which a contract is to expire. When a contract reaches its expiry, all open positions are cash settled based on the contract rules and specifications.


Expiries may vary depending on which product you are trading:

Forex and Metals



Expiries for FOREX and Metals contracts

The standard expiries for forex and metals contracts at which liquidity providers are currently providing prices on the Cantor Exchange are:

5 minutes

20 minutes

End of hour

End of day (4:00PM ET)


Expiries for Weather COntracts

Atlantic Named Storm Landfall (ANSL) weather contracts generally expire upon occurrence of a Qualifying Atlantic Landfall (QAL) or at the conclusion of the 2016 Atlantic Basin tropical storm season on November 30, 2016. Multiple landfalls by the same named storm may qualify as separate Qualifying Atlantic Landfalls (QALs).


For more information about weather trading, please visit TradeWx Help.


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