US Binary Options “Deep In The Money”

US binary options “deep in the money” says Forest Park BX CEO Justin Hertzberg


By Andrew Saks-McLeod of LeapRate


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Forest Park BX CEO Justin Hertzberg explains the benefits of the US model for binary options and how Cantor Exchange is providing Participants with the tools to take control of their trading.


The Cantor Exchange serves purely as an open and fair electronic meeting place for buyers and sellers in the binary options market. With the Cantor Exchange model, traders no longer are playing against the house because every Participant of the exchange can be their own market maker.


While Cantor Exchange does offer Participants the ability to trade via a custom trading platform provided by SpotOption, Participants are also able to connect to the Exchange via their API, where they can integrate their own trading software so as to trade to their best potential.



This is a guest editorial which was compiled by, and represents the views of Justin Hertzberg, CEO, Forest Park BX.