Joaquin Trading Webinar Series

Ryan Herron from Joaquin Trading has announced a series of educational webinars featuring Cantor Exchange’s Tradologic Interface.


Mr. Herron has extensive experience in helping traders hone their skills in a variety of markets and trading platforms.


Joaquin Trading is not affiliated with Cantor Exchange. Access to the webinar is open to anyone who may be interested in trading Binary Options or learning more about the contracts offered on Cantor Exchange.


Here is a full schedule of the upcoming series:


DateTime (ET)TopicDescriptionSign-Up to AttendRecording
{ This will be available after the event }
Sept. 14 201715:00How to make better use of the new charting with the Tradologic Trading Interface• Using Bar and Candlestick Charting
• Using Trendlines and Channels
• Using Technical Indicators such as MACD, RSI and Stochastics
• Saving and using Study Templates
• Save and load Chart Layouts
• Using Technical Analysis to optimize trading decision – basic discussion
Sept. 21 201715:00How to trade In-the-money and out-of-the money digital options at Cantor exchange• Using the mutiple strike levels offered at Cantor Exchange
• Basic In-the-Money Strategies
• Basic Out-of-the-money Strategies
• Risk Reward Discussion
• Application in trading markets at low and high volatility
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Sept. 28 201715:00Using Digital Options when the markets are in a tight range• How do we know if the market is in a range
• Possible Range trading strategies
• Using Technical Indicators
• Risk Reward Discussion
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October 5 201715:00Using Digital Options when the markets are trending or likely to break out of a range• How do we know if the market is trending
• How do we know if the market broke out of range
• Using Technical Analysis Indicators
• Strategies with the trend
• Counter trend strategies
• Break out strategies
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October 12 201715:00How to avoid some of the most common trading mistakes• Overview of the top 5 trading mistakes with BO
• Best practices in trade planning
• Mastering the emotions in trading
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