If you aren’t satisfied with the strikes or expiries available for a given trade, then create your own!


Specifically for forex & metals trading, Cantor Exchange allows Participants the ability to customize their own strike level and expiry time for their trades using the Request for Quotation feature*, available on the Exchange forex & metals reporting site.


The Request for Quotation feature is the final item listed on the reporting site homepage.


On the Request for Quotation report page, you will be able to enter whatever strike level and expiry you wish and request a quote for your custom contract.


Note, you must select an expiry time that is within regular forex & metals trading hours. Overnight listings are not supported on the Exchange at this time.


It may take a few moments for your custom order to translate to the trading interface. You must first select your custom expiry from the expiry drop down list on the interface. Then, you can wait for your custom strike to appear in the strike list on the trading interface. When your custom strike level appears, you will be able to trade!


For additional information on account reports, please visit How To: View Account History.



*Please note: At this time, the Request for Quotation feature is temporarily disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working to get the report back up soon!