The following Cantor Exchange Participants are available to offer additional educational resources to other Participants:


•   Ryan Herron of Joaquin Trading

•   Abe Cofnas of Binary Dimensions


Please note: The educators listed above are neither employees nor agents of Cantor Futures Exchange, L.P., and are not compensated directly by Cantor Exchange or CX Markets for their educational activities. 





Ryan Herron is your everyday trader who started his career in the financial crisis of 2008. He taught himself the art of trading while living in the back of van, at truck stops, all over America. Ryan has been featured many times on, has written for, runs several trading groups, and works alongside some of the top trading education firms in the industry. He has written the first published trading indicators specifically designed for Cantor Exchange strikes which show the probabilities of outcomes. You can find Ryan online every day at


Check out Ryan’s videos on our Video Tutorials page!


Abe Cofnas of Binary Dimensions



Abe Cofnas is a world leader in binary option training and trading. He created the world’s first newsletter on Binary Option trading, called The Fear and Greed Trader, published by Agora Financial.  His current newsletter continues to focus on binary options. It is called: Binary Dimensions. The focus is on the laddered binaries and will cover Cantor Exchange’s binary option trades.  He provides training as well as alerts on binary options at


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