Cantor Exchange launches educational resource, CX Markets

The Cantor Exchange is excited to announce the launch of our educational website, CX Markets. CX Markets is to serve as The Education Portal for Cantor Exchange, the front door to trading digital options on the Exchange!


We know how important education is for our traders, whether it’s be new traders learning how to place a trade on a given trading interface or experienced traders learning more advanced trading techniques. So Cantor Exchange wanted to offer our Participants a place where you can find all sorts of educational resources you can use to leverage your trading.


On CX Markets, Participants can find loads of free information about managing your Exchange account, trading digital options, and resources to help strategize your trading! We have compiled information and educational resources across various topics so as to help our Participants trade to their best potential. Here you can find step by step tutorials, videos, user guides, market commentary, and so much more!


Throughout the site, you’ll notice we refer to digital options. Digital options are binary options traded on a CFTC regulated exchange. Visit What Are Digital Options? to learn more.


Looking for a detailed walk through? Check out our How To section for a list of all of our How To topics!


Do you prefer to learn by watching others? Check out our Video Tutorials page for a selection of videos covering all sorts of topics related to the Exchange.


For free expert advice, check out our Educators section for a list of trading experts who can provide additional assistance and advice to our Participants.



If you can find what you are looking for, contact us!